Hey, it's Jim

Blogging about leukemia. You can’t make this stuff up.

well its been nine months since my stem cell transplant, and i had my nine month check up. my doctor said everything is almost like before i was diagnosed with leukemia. im almost at a 100 % healthy. now that could be good or it could be bad. if the doctor is like the owner […]

time is moving pretty quick. had my 4 runs on the blood machine and it has seemed to help, at least so far. they remove my plasma and throw it away with all the antibodies, and my body produces new cells and hopefully it works, who the hell knows. Dylan sent me a note about […]

celebrating another milestone in the never ending saga “i have leukemia and you dont”. one year ago yesterday i was admitted into Bay State hospital for exciting whirlwind extravaganza of chemotherapy and pain. all the hype was a little over rated. it was like the game show “lets make a deal” james come on down, […]

well its day 5000 or around there. feeling pretty good and didnt die flying to Tampa and back. had a great time in Tampa, caught the Tampa Bay Lightning game, good food, cold beer, family what else could you ask for. when you are sick like this time and events change a little. i know […]

well its over 200 days since the transplant and i think my body is running at about 70% and it my be the best it will ever get,  well its better than spending time in a urn on the mantel. of course when you get cremated and they give the ashes to the spouse, they […]

either im winning the battle against the leukemia or its all a facade and my time is coming, either way not to bad. the host vs graft disease has not tried to kill me yet so thats a plus and my level of energy is just a hair better than kozmos right now. going to […]