heres to Ziggy

either im winning the battle against the leukemia or its all a facade and my time is coming, either way not to bad. the host vs graft disease has not tried to kill me yet so thats a plus and my level of energy is just a hair better than kozmos right now. going to tampa next month to see Dylan but my doctor said i shouldnt fly, due to the bad air in the plane. but im going anyway. i bought a special mask to wear so if you hear about a terrorist being removed from jetblue airline that will be me. i can see it now i walk on board with this big mask on and im immediately tackled and dragged off the aircraft it would be something to talk about.  i hope it happens i could use the cash. have not received a bill yet for all my fun times at Dana Farber, but it will come. we met someone who had the same type of leukemia as me and her bill was 1.3 million, i should have been a doctor, so im hoping for a little better maybe around 20 grand. i should have won the lottery that would have cleared up things nicely. my niece Molly is in mourning due to the fact one of her favorite people in the world decided it was time to go, David Bowie, hang in there Molly, i wasnt a huge follower of his music but liked a few of his songs. Mo bought me one of those cameras for outdoors to catch a few shots of whatever the hell goes on at night, so far only a squirrel. i bought a huge deer block to attract the deer, thats been a flop. well its been very slow around here and i guess that is a good thing. a little thought

my time may be running out

but that i do not fear

i ride it out as long as i can

and drink plenty of Canadian beer

it may not be healthy

my doc said it could do me in

but i said to him

its better than drinking gin

so heres a toast

to great family and friends

i will drink to your health

until the day mine ends

man you cant make this stuff up


6 thoughts on “heres to Ziggy

  1. Jim,,
    Despite all your woes you always check in
    You tell tales with a smile and a reference to gin
    You sometimes feel low and we understand
    But you hang in with humour to your body’s demands
    We don’t want you to go, so sit back, have that beer
    Keep counting your blessings and wait for that deer.
    Love and strength,

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  2. Jim, you have such grit, as defined by: strength of character, courage; endurance; as, to show true grit.
    Have a great trip to Florida – wear gloves too! Those damn deer, they never come around when you want them too!! Keep the faith Jim, safe travels and stay strong xo


  3. Well that post was a little more uplifting then the last one !!!! Florida is one step closer to Cuba – I say go for it !! I saw a woman in the store the other day that was all masked up … makes you stop and think about what those around you are going through ……


  4. Have a great trip to Florida….maybe you’ll get lucky and see a few alligators…from a distance of course!!! So glad you’re getting away from this cold weather…enjoy your trip and Dylan!


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