to burn or to go 6 feet under

well its over 200 days since the transplant and i think my body is running at about 70% and it my be the best it will ever get,  well its better than spending time in a urn on the mantel. of course when you get cremated and they give the ashes to the spouse, they have no idea whether they got my ashes or someones grand mothers ashes. the guy who cleans the ovens out could have been drunk that day or out smoking a joint in the back alley and forgot to clean the oven. they probably throw ashes from their fireplace in the urn and just throw the the body in the river. i would prefer to be cremated than to be buried six feet under and take up space on this earth. when you are buried your family drives by the cemetery and they say ” i have to visit my dads grave but not today maybe next week”.then 2 years have gone by and they feel guilty because they have not come and stared at a piece of stone with dead flowers around it. it is a very stupid ritual. so im cremated and in the urn on the mantel everyone is more relaxed because they can see you every day and when they get sick of you just throw you in the trash or the ocean whatever they are in the mood for. Dana Farber sends me information about where i am and what can i expect, im at the 6 to 9 month period. there were five things that could happen and after reading them i realized i had those problems before i got leukemia. i could have skipped the whole sickness phase because i am already a little insane. its called chemo brain and the 5 things are, 1 hard time  remembering someones name, 2 difficulty staying focused, 3 trouble learning new things, 4 poor organizational skills, and 5 hard time doing several tasks at the same time. i am an expert at all of these, i didnt have to get leukemia to point that out. dont most people have trouble doing many tasks at once, its not like you can drive your car, knit a sweater, peel potatoes , and read war and peace at the same time. having chemotherapy doesnt cause that. well thats it from here

Laura i hope you are feeling good and life is getting back to normal


you cant make this stuff up

5 thoughts on “to burn or to go 6 feet under

  1. I’m with you….cremation all the way!! We are on the same page….I’d say I run at about 70% as well….can’t complain….sooooo much better than this time last year 🙂 definatly some issues to deal with…but we all have “issues” right? Maybe by the time Cuba comes around we will be 90%!!!

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  2. OMG I think I might have caught a little Chemo Brain when I was down visiting. 70% of you is always worth it.Stay strong. Looking forward to your next report from the House of Koz..

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  3. Almost stopped checking this site. Good to see another post.

    70% got me through University.

    Appreciate the update, but also really wondering how Kozmo is doing…


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