and i thought the folks in How Green Was My Valley had it bad

well believe it or not today February 7th is D day. one year ago today that i had the nose bleed from hell that started this wonderful magic ride i like to call. “so this is what a menstrual cycle is like”, at the time i thought it was nothing but oh how i was fooled. i always wanted to get some time off work so God in is infinite ways said “hey this guy really needs some time off what better way than leukemia”.  you know that warped sense of humor he has. the old saying be careful what you ask for. he must have heard wrong, i didnt say i wanted to die just some time off. went thru hell the first couple of months and figured i was going to die a couple of times but i think i have to see the Yankees win one more world series before i go. the real reason i didnt die was all the support i received from my friends and family, i dont think i would have made this far without it. i just want everyone to know how much everything has meant to me and i will never forget it. so i toast all of you, the gang in Canada and the gang in the US and the one gang in Thailand, i couldnt have made this up. some good moments in all of this. the guy across the hall from me at the hospital that kept screaming he needed help and the food sucks here, and i kept saying the food does suck here, he was a blast the nurses ignored him but God didnt, no more yelling from him. the 4 wenches, Kim, Jane, Ann, and Marcia and their bikini tops, very hot. Bob C sitting in the chair in my room with enough protective clothing on to stop a nuclear blast. the ipad that i received as a gift from, Deb, Nicole, Lexie, and Danielle that i wrote all of my blogs on. Nancy L lugging all of our plants out of the house and taking them to the high school for protective care. who ever thought an aloe plant could kill you. all the visits from Joe, Marcia, Jamie, and Cathy that made time go by quicker, and Joe having to deal with Kozmo. Bill and Lynn letting us use their cottage on the ocean for a weekend, my father-in-law who likes me much more now that he thinks he is going to out live me, bought me a magic garbage can from Costco that opens when you you say “open says me”. Mike coming down and doing some much needed work on the house and shed, Aydan designing a sneaker for me and Ayden K sending me money to help the cause, the party to send me off to the hospital, Pat, Dylan, and Heather pulling weeds out of our patio, Pete, Trevor, Collin, Dylan, Justin and Nancy busting their asses painting our house. all the texts from Molly and Chelsea and the great cookies from Molly that my friends enjoyed, Wally coming over and doing the high painting, Buck coming down and taking Mo out to dinner to get her mind off all the shit she was dealing with, all the financial support from everyone  that got Mo and i thru a lot of bills, thanks to Justin, Trevor, Kristen, and Dylan starting the Go Fund Me project. Molly starting an account at the bank for us, Brian and Molly buying a back door for us and Andy installing it. the fantastic spaghetti sauce from Lihn R, the over the top financial help from my brother Gary and Joanne. Johnny Bielonko shoveling snow off our roof , the headphones from Greg and Laura, and my sister Linda with all the visits to the hospital and getting lost in the hospital looking for my room, all Mo’s friends at her school and all their help, last but not least Mo, what can i say all the trips to the hospital, Springfield and Boston, all the food she cooked for me that i said tasted like shit, dealing with all the doctors, sitting in the hospital room bored to death but hanging in there anyway, having the car stolen and getting a flat tire the same week, the furnace breaking, keeping me alive by keeping track of my 28 pills a day, i would have just swallowed what ever was in front of me. she had it worse than me. i know i forgot someone and im sorry for that but everything is appreciated. so once again i toast everyone and maybe i will do this again on the second anniversary.

you cant make this stuff up

5 thoughts on “and i thought the folks in How Green Was My Valley had it bad

  1. Wonderful post Jim! I admire you so much and I want to thank you for all these blog post, digging deep to share with us all that this effing trip has been for you. Here’s to year 2 being a lighter load on both you and Mo. Love you xo

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  2. Hooray for Jim and Hooray for Mo! I’m with Pat–next year can’t be as tough! Happy anniversary, thank you for your blog which is always so funny and inspiring, and please enjoy your new lease on life!

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