i have to get to Cuba before all the Castros die

well its day 5000 or around there. feeling pretty good and didnt die flying to Tampa and back. had a great time in Tampa, caught the Tampa Bay Lightning game, good food, cold beer, family what else could you ask for. when you are sick like this time and events change a little. i know that having leukemia has shortened my lifespan. the leukemia most likely will come back its just when and how hard so you think about that. i wonder will i be around to see this or see that. i renewed Dylans drivers license the other day and it is good until 2022, which is 6 years, and i said to myself probably wont be here to renew it again. so he will have to do it himself. people say when they are sick and maybe dying that their outlook or whats important to them changes, that has not been the case for me. its funny because i am more focused to do things that are really meaningless and i may not be around to even enjoy them. like im building a quest house and building some wine racks, things that are really off the scale for me as far as my time left here. one of the worst part of this illness is not being as strong as i was before, having people do things because i cant do them, but the exercise regime starts next week and i will have one more go around before its over. well that was uplifting, all and all it has been an experience that i dont totally wish i never had. sounds stupid but to experience leukemia and to live a few more years is very satisfying, even though you know your time is coming. well i would think after reading this you are feeling pretty, pretty, pretty good about your life and well you should. like they say “live every day to the fullest and enjoy every minute”, boy the saying has to go down as one of the stupidest sayings of all time.

his voice was like a knife

that stabbed me in the chest

it cant be real what he has said

you have 3 months at best

but im still young

and still full of health

he must have  mistaken

me for someone else

no it is me he seeks

the tests do not lie

according to them

its my turn to die

i think it must be a dream

or a nightmare at best

how long before i hear the words

now we lay him to rest

i walk out the door

a pain fills my heart

i turn to the man

as he crosses me off his chart









One thought on “i have to get to Cuba before all the Castros die

  1. “Pain fills my heart” at the thought

    Cuz we all know the fight that he’s fought,

    The man wants to see a Castro, and I’m sure any will do

    So let’s plan a trip, with many more than two.

    Some sun, some beer, some food, but nothing too spicy,

    We don’t want the guy to feel even a little bit dicey.

    The only thing we want crossed off that “chart”

    Is Jim in Cuba – Varadero Beach I hear is quiet smart.

    So, the “only laying to rest” will be on Varadero Beach

    And we’ll make sure the Bucanero isn’t far out of reach!


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