lets make a deal

celebrating another milestone in the never ending saga “i have leukemia and you dont”. one year ago yesterday i was admitted into Bay State hospital for exciting whirlwind extravaganza of chemotherapy and pain. all the hype was a little over rated.

it was like the game show “lets make a deal” james come on down, ok james we have 3 doors for you to choose from, so whats it going to be. ok i choose door number 2, ok james lets see what you missed out on behind door no 1, oh james you jackass if you choose no 1 you would have had an all expense paid trip to the bahamas, yes 2 weeks fun, sun and massages. also included were topless women to serve your meals to you every day, and all the beer you could drink, ok james you really screwed that one up lets see what you skipped behind door no 3. oh james you truly are a loser, behind no 3 was you never really had leukemia, it was all a bad dream and you would have woke up to find out that you also won the lottery for 5 million dollars. but because you suck at making choices you do not get any of that

well james lets see what you did pick behind door no 2, oh no james it doesnt look good, boy you suck at this, behind door no 2 is your worst nightmare, a 4 week stay at our finest hospital, included in this deal is all shitty food you could possibly imagine, but thats not all you also will be subjected to never ending questions on “how do you feel” and all the pain and misery your body can take but not enough to kill you, and iching oh yah we have plenty of non stop drive you mad itching for you to endure,oh no james in this package you get to come back for another 3 week stay and believe it or not the food is worse, but the pain is just as good as you remember. but james we are not done there, not for a second. you get an extremely expensive trip to the beautiful city of boston, but james are far as you are concerned you could be in czechoslovakia because you do not get to enjoy any of it.  we are putting you thru 3 more pain filled weeks that only a person who didnt die from the first rounds  of crap gets to experience. yes james you really know how to pick em, well the good part about this is the pain wont be as bad, but we will make your stay as uncomfortable as possible, yes we will make sure your bed will be 2 feet too short and you will have diarrhea that will come out of you like a nuclear missile, yes when you have to go there will warning and it will feel like you are farting razor blades, but james dont dispair most people dont live thru this but with your luck you will endure all we have to offer.but wait theres more, when you eat your throat will feel like you have swallowing draino we give that to you at no extra charge. well james thats about it you really made a bad choice, if you had just chosen another disease we could have made your stay less painful. ok just a trip down memory lane, i should have gotten off the exit ramp 2 miles back, another bad decision

happy birthday to my son Dylan 22 today

happy birthday to Laura not sure i think it is her 69th

you cant make this stuff up



8 thoughts on “lets make a deal

  1. Oh yeah….looking back on “what fun was I having this time last year”….it is all still very vivid and raw and gives me total body shivers just thinking about it!!! And by the way…..I am MUCH younger than 69….but my body looks and feels WAY older….go figure 🙂 !!!!! Keep making me smile…..oxox


  2. Make me Smile…..that should be Jim’s new moniker. No matter the time or the day Jim is on this earth to Make us Smile. He continues to amaze us with his uncanny wit and candid mockery of being sicker than any of us can imagine ( except Laura……bless your heart for all the love you send Jim ). Thanks again Jim for making me smile. STAY STRONG

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  3. Jim, only you can make me smile and cry at the same time! So glad you are you chose the door that kept you here!


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