exercise or not to exercise that is the question

time is moving pretty quick. had my 4 runs on the blood machine and it has seemed to help, at least so far. they remove my plasma and throw it away with all the antibodies, and my body produces new cells and hopefully it works, who the hell knows. Dylan sent me a note about Craig Sather, if you dont know him, he is a side line reporter for the NBA and a great guy. he has AML also and is going in for his 3rd stem cell transplant. that takes a lot of guts, my leukemia will come back, there is no doubt about that and when it does i will have a hard choice to make but going thru all that again im not sure i will do it. death is very final but i dont think of it as a bad thing, to me its the next step, but the drawbacks are very final, no cheeseburgs, no ice cold beer, cant watch the Giants which may be a good thing, or maybe i can watch them who knows. if you want to put life in perspective watch the movie The Grey Zone, that will make you think about life in a different way. so im about 203 pounds but no muscle to speak of, have not started to work out, i go down stairs and stare at the weights and then i think man i could go for a cheeseburg, or maybe i should see what Kozmos doing, i dont want to rush things, i have been really good at that part. been out of work for 13 months and it has been nice not to have to work but not getting a paycheck is quite a reality check. i see how people live with little or nothing and it isnt so bad, most of the shit people buy they dont need anyway, thats how Americans keep sleezy companies like walmart and hobby lobby in business. not to get to serious but no educated person should shop in these businesses but thats another topic for  another day.  i have been dying to eat at Chipotle my favorite place, if i had been eating there i would be dying, so i guess its a good thing the leukemia saved me from getting tomane poison. well thats about it life goes on and im still a part of it,

looking forward to seeing Rick and Pat this weekend, we will be going down for some moonshine tasting, that has to be good for leukemia

you cant make this stuff up

3 thoughts on “exercise or not to exercise that is the question

  1. Can’t wait to see you Jim and a moonshine tasting is right up Rick’s alley! Guess I better bring a plaid shirt for that outing. As far as the exerise is concerned, at least you are doing stairs – that’s exercise 🙂


  2. Exercise is way over rated Jim. If you dig into a real nice 1/2 lb. cheeseburger with all your favorite toppings. Now that can be a workout worth repeating.
    How is my chalet coming along?


  3. Good to hear you are still fighting the fight .. others aren’t so lucky .. hard to believe I know … I don’t know who is braver, the one who keeps on fighting or the one who knows to call it quits … hopefully you will never have to face that day … Almost time for drinks on the patio at the Country Club .. would love to meet you guys there some time !!


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