one last time

well its been nine months since my stem cell transplant, and i had my nine month check up. my doctor said everything is almost like before i was diagnosed with leukemia. im almost at a 100 % healthy. now that could be good or it could be bad. if the doctor is like the owner of a baseball who gives the manager a vote of confidence then the next day he fires him, well then im a goner, on the other its is probably a good sign when the doctor doesnt said the lords prayer when i walk in the room, so i think i have a couple of good months left. so all you people who booked hotel rooms to attend my funeral, well i hope you can get your money back or at least come visit a living stiff. still cant drink draft beer which is a drag with all the micro breweries that have opened near me. i was revaccinated today so im like a new born, except my skin is softer do to the chemo. well its been a hell of a ride that all started with a nose bleed, almost dying in the hospital, a lot of great friends who helped pull  Mo  and i thru this, unbelievable family that made it a lot easier, and  Mo who never thought she would have to become the wife she had to become, so this is my last post, but maybe my leukemia will come back and we can do this all over again, man wouldnt that be a blast. so thanks for the memories and and i hope i can help all of you in some way someday, and last but not least something i never say, WITH ALL MY LOVE YOUR FRIEND JIM


10 thoughts on “one last time

  1. Wow, this was like a really crappy amusement park ride we went on with you, Jim. I’m so glad to hear your diagnosis. You and Mo are always in our thoughts. You are tough people.


  2. Great news Jimmy! I pray to never read another post again! Reach out if you or Mo need anything. See you when it’s pick’in time!


  3. Thanks for the love Jim! This is such wonderful news. You and Mo have been such a great example of brave. Live for the day and continue to stay strong and keep the faith. I know you have experienced so much over this past year, but I hope that one of the biggest things you have learned about you is just how much you are loved.


  4. Thanks for the memories Jimmy boy. We will all be able to share your blog stories for years to come. Looking forward to future get togethers and maybe even having a beer or two on the new porch.Love you like a brother inlaw.


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