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Blogging about leukemia. You can’t make this stuff up.

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i am all alone but there are thousands among me its damp and cold yet i feel no pain the darkness is all around me yet i can not see i try to get up but it is not to be i can feel my bones for my skin has been shed my heart does […]

This is a a follow to the last post for reasons that are obvious,  a few people I left out of the trip to Cuba so there can be no excuses, Jim and Elfie, Deb Ryan, Steve and Jan, Jeff and Ann, Phil and Kathryn, David and Susan,Wally and Terri, Paul and Marcia, Billy and […]

well well well, it was off to Dana Farber today for a check up and it wasnt too bad. for the first time in a while i didnt need a blood transfusion, the good, for the last couple of months i have had an itching problem all over my body, no visible rash so they […]

ok so 2015 is gone but not forgotten. lets take a look back at the year from hell. in February everything is going pretty good, but on a cold and gray Chicago morn driving to work a nose bleed changes my life forever, could have been worse it could have been anal leakage, and ruined […]

well im still alive in 2016 the odds were against me. las vegas had it 5 to 1 i wouldnt make it till the end of the year, but i new God was in no mood to deal with me, he had his hands full with donald trump. my blood still has not given up […]

well holy shit looks it looks like i will make it to Christmas, i didnt think that would happen.  how about you Laura. i knew i would be here but i thought i would be flying around the house  as a ghost and i could here what everyone really thought of their gifts. i had […]

well i made it to Thanksgiving, not bad. for my Canadian gang Thanksgiving here in this country is when we celebrate a bunch of white men slaughtering a bunch of Indians and the Indians that survived were invited to eat the food that they taught the bunch of white men to find, its sort of […]